Walker Street School Demolition : Eastwood : Nottingham.

Walker Street School

This was the school where most of the children from Eastwood attended.

This school was renamed the Eastwood Comprehensive Lower School, but closed on the 19th. July 2004. The pupils were transferred to the Upper School on Mansfield Road, (Hall Park). Walker Street school was demolished in January 2005.

The picture below shows the demolition in progress, this view is from what was the main entrance to the school, with the stage, and arch of the assembly hall in the background.

Walker Street Demolition

Part of science block, (pictured below), was set on fire the day after the school closed, this photograph was taken the following day.
This shows the science block, with the school gymnasium on the right.

Walker Street School Science Block

The brick rubble, below, is now the only remains of Walker Street School.
This photograph was taken in May 2005, and shows the view from the entrance, near to where the boys toilets stood.

Walker Street School now demolished

Another view of the demolished school, taken from the main gate.

Another view of the demolished school