Walker Street Reunion - 1964 Leavers.

Walker Street School Reunion - Eastwood - Nottingham.

Walker Street School - Eastwood - Nottingham

For those brave pupils that escaped from this building in 1964

(and anyone from the same intake, who left before 1964).


The reunion was held at Eastwood Town Social Club, (Eastwood Town Football Club), on the evening of Friday the 19th. September, 2008.

The organisers of the reunion were Rita Campbell and Georgina Clarke, with me, Gavin Gillespie, handling and updating the website. This website is now mainly for reference, and is only being updated occasionally.


25/07/2014 - The list of pupils, (see towards the bottom of this page), has sadly been updated to highlight those that have died since the reunion, the latest being Zak Donnelly, Molly Gibson, Joy Gregory, Brian Mellott, and Brian Purdy. Zak provided a lot of the school photographs used on this site, and helped a lot with putting names to faces. Some of the details have been passed on to me by third parties, so if any of these details are incorrect, please let me know and I will amend them.

Several class photographs of Brookhill Leys pupils, most of whom later transferred to Walker Street School, are on the following link. Photographs supplied by Terry Stevenson:- Brookhill Leys Pupils, (1953 - 1955).

Recorder Group photo added - possibly 1961. Other school activities.

1964 Football Team photo added to Sports Teams Page. Sports Teams


Links to Main Photographs.

All the photographs supplied so far for the first year are now on the following link:-
First Year Photographs - 1961.

All the photographs supplied so far for the second year are now on the following link:-
Second Year Photographs - 1962.

All the photographs supplied so far for the third year are now on the following link:-
Third Year Photographs - 1963.

All the photographs supplied so far for the fourth year are now on the following link:-
Fourth Year Photographs - 1964.

Photographs of pupils involved in sports teams are on the following link:-
Sports Teams

Photographs of other school activities are on the following link:-
Other school activities.

A photograph of Gladys Aylwood visiting the school is on the following link:-
Gladys Aylwood - 1963. 

Images of the school being demolished are available on the following link:-
Walker Street School - Demolition"


Here is a list of most of the pupils that started Walker Street School in 1959, and left in 1964, including some of the same age group that started and left during that period. If you know of any more, or if any of the details are incorrect, or even if you want your name removing from this list, please let me know using the contact button below.

The names used in the list are the names the pupils would have been best known by when at school.

Sadly, the ones highlighted are no longer with us.

Last updated 25/07/2014 by Gavin Gillespie.

Margaret Abbott --o-- Geoff Allen --o-- Denise Anthony --o-- *Bob Armes*

Hilary Bacon --o-- Linda Baldwin --o-- Norma Ball --o-- Nigel Bancroft--o-- Roy Bark --o-- Dave Barlow --o-- Rosaleen Barratt --o-- George Barnes --o-- Marion Barnes --o-- Mick Bellamy --o-- Andrew Bentley --o-- John Berrisford --o-- Wendy Binch --o-- Peter Birkin --o-- Doug Blake --o-- Norman Blake --o-- Susan Bradbury --o-- Colin Brewster --o-- Jennifer Brown ? --o-- Judith Brown --o-- Margaret Brown --o-- *Sandra Brown* --o-- Grenville Buckley --o-- Dorothy Bull --o-- Kate Bull --o-- Bob Burrows --o-- Tony Butenko --o-- Mick Buxton

Stuart Camm --o-- Rita Campbell --o-- Dave Caress --o-- Paula Carlin --o-- Janis Carr --o-- Margaret Carter --o-- Stan Cieslik --o-- Georgina Clarke --o-- Gillian Clarke --o-- Anne Considine --o-- Richard Cooke --o-- Roy Cooke --o-- Sheila Cooke --o-- Peter Cowlishaw --o-- Robert Crampton --o-- Peter Czwienczek

Tommy Davidson --o-- Marlene Dominikowski --o-- *Zak Donnelly* --o-- Paul Donovan --o-- Margaret Draper --o-- P Draper --o-- John Dunstan --o-- Glenda Durance?

Brian Elton --o-- David Eyre --o-- Catherine Eyre

AAnne Fletcher --o-- *Dave Fletcher* --o-- Maureen Flint --o-- Ivan Fretwell --o-- Brenda Funnell

*Molly Gibson* --o-- Glennis Gilbourne --o-- *Janet Gilbourne* --o-- Gavin Gillespie --o-- Susan George --o-- Janet Grainger --o-- John Grainger --o-- Billy Green --o-- Walter Greensmith --o-- *Joy Gregory*

Ian Harrison --o-- Colin Hanson --o-- Belinda Harvey --o-- Glen Hatton --o-- Phil Hatton --o-- Carol Hawksworth --o-- Christine Hawson --o-- Mick Hayes --o-- Adrian Helliker --o-- *Yvonne Hemsley* --o-- Paul Henshaw --o-- Jean Hill --o-- Audrey Hitchley --o-- Joy Holmes --o-- Christine Holt --o-- *Alan Hope* --o-- Alan Horsepool --o-- David Howell --o-- Elvia Howitt --o-- Susan Howitt --o-- Trevor Hugglestone --o-- Elaine Hughes --o-- John Hunt

Shiela Jackson --o-- *Stan Jackson* --o-- Pauline Jeffries --o-- Kathleen Jennings --o-- Ian Johnson --o-- *Lynette Johnson* --o-- Christine Jones

Jean Kirkham --o-- Janet Kitchen --o-- *Nata Kratsch*

Pamela Lane --o-- Cheryl Lawson --o-- Jane Lee --o-- Mick Leary --o-- Sherida Leivers --o-- Kevin Lounds --o-- Colin Lounds --o-- Pauline Lount

Geg Mackessy --o-- Jackie McCloughlan --o-- Rosalee McNally --o-- *Brian Mellott* --o-- Ross/Russ Mallet --o-- Rodney Mallinson --o-- Dave Martin --o-- Tony Martin? --o-- Billy Meakin --o-- Pauline Mee --o-- Susan Messam --o-- Janice Minkley --o-- *Dorothy Moore* --o-- Malcolm Moss --o-- Yvonne Moulton

Suzanne Naylor --o-- Stuart Newsome --o-- Christine Newton

John O'Brien

Jean Pacey --o-- Joan Pacey --o-- Maureen Palfreyman --o-- Joan Parker --o-- *Carol Parkin* --o-- Keith Paul --o-- Vic Paxton --o-- Billy Payne --o-- Eric Pearce --o-- Carole Pickworth --o-- Michael Place --o-- Glenys Potter --o-- June Powdrill --o-- *Brian Purdy* --o-- Jennifer Purdy --o-- *Tony Purdy* --o-- Jennifer Pye --o-- Ann Pynegar

Jennifer Quinn

Phil Raines --o-- Peter Revill --o-- Peter Rhodes --o-- John Rigley --o-- Colin Robertson --o-- *Pat Round* --o-- David Rowley --o-- Rosemary Rowley

Christine Saxton --o-- John Saxton --o-- Margaret Severn --o-- John Sieder --o-- Mike Simms --o-- Brian Sinclair --o-- Elizabeth Sinclair --o-- Vicky Sinclair --o-- Jane Smith --o-- Margaret? Smith --o-- Rosemary Smith --o-- Annie Spetzman --o-- Jim Stapleton --o-- Linda Steel --o-- Josie Stewart --o-- Ann Stevens --o-- Terry Stevenson --o-- Jennifer Stone --o-- David Straw

Roger Tate --o-- Phil Teece --o-- Wendy Thorpe --o-- Malcolm Todd

Alan Walker --o-- Susan Walker --o-- Pauline Wardle --o-- D Watkinson --o-- Angela Watson --o-- Dave Watson ? --o-- Arthur Webb --o-- Jennifer Weldon --o-- Norman Wheeler --o-- Dianne Whitten ---o--- *Della Wiera* --o-- Marilyn Wild --o-- Fay Wilkins --o-- Bob Wilkinson --o-- Denise Williams --o-- Eileen Wingfield --o-- Keith Wright --o-- Pat Wyld --o-- Eddie Wysall

Bernard Young


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