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The 1960 black and white film about DH Lawrence's Sons and Lovers

Added October 2014

The stars of the film, which was filmed in black and white, were Trevor Howard, Dean Stockwell, Wendy Hiller, Mary Ure, William Lucas, and Donald Pleasence. The film was adapted from the DH Lawrence novel by TEB Clarke and Gavin Lambert, with the director being Jack Cardiff.

This photograph shows local Eastwood people, and was taken at the old Methodist Church on Wellington Street in Eastwood. The people in the photograph were recruited as extras to appear in the making of the film during 1959, and are shown dressed in period costumes ready for filming

Local extras that appeared in the 1960 Sons and Lovers film

The photograph would have been taken in 1959, and was supplied by Christine Hawson, Christine's mother is on the left hand side wearing a white apron. Her mother says that the extras were paid 2 pounds and 10 shillings a day, (£2.50p), and they were employed as extras for 2 weeks, working Monday to Friday. She also said that the extras were well treated, and were given the same meals as the stars of the film, they also ate their meals with the stars.

The woman wearing spectacles in the centre of the back row has been named as either Emma Lee?, or Mrs. Williamson?, and the woman to her immediate right is Evelyn Reeve. The woman on the extreme right, leaning on the railings, is Dina Caddick, and in front of Dina, dressed all in black, is Hazel Pilkington. On the left, in front of the man in the cap, is Mrs. Leary?

The names ending with question marks are provisional, and awaiting confirmation

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Young local extras that appeared in the film, pictured on Wellington Street

young local extras that appeared in the 1960 Sons and Lovers film

Elizabeth Naylor and Jane Cotterill, pictured between shots for the film. In the actual film itself, Elizabeth and Jane can be clearly seen standing near the car as the London art dealer leaves the Morel's house after talking with the family about Paul's future.

This photograph was kindly provided by Liz Hose, (Elizabeth Naylor).

Taken outside the 'Morel's' house on Wellington Street

young local extras that appeared in the 1960 Sons and Lovers film

Elizabeth Naylor, between shots, with the chauffeur and car used in the film.

This photograph was kindly provided by Liz Hose

Parts of Sons and Lovers were filmed in several locations around the Eastwood area, including Wellington Street at Eastwood, Brinsley Colliery, and Pinxton. They took down the television aerials whilst filming on Wellington Street, and paid those affected £3 for the inconvenience. The scene in the film where the crowds are rushing to the mine and crossing a canal bridge was filmed on the Pinxton branch of the Cromford Canal, with extras from Hall Park School, on Mansfield Road at Eastwood, being used for the crowd scenes.